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Mediaplus Suisse

There are scores of media agencies, so what is special about Mediaplus Suisse?

To start with, we have pioneered an innovative, data-based impact and channel-planning system, and we combine expertise in digital media with classic media planning, geomedia, CRM and neuromarketing.We are guided by the latest insights about markets and target groups and employ state-of-the-art back-end technologies.

In the process, we do not rely solely on algorithms but mainly on experience and a healthy dose of common sense. Another special feature of Mediaplus is that we are part of Haus der Kommunikation in Zurich, which combines all communications disciplines under one roof

– advertising, content, online elements, production and us, an expert partner which directs your communications into the right channels as efficiently as possible. This interdisciplinary exchange creates countless exciting synergies and enables fast reaction and optimisation times.

For you, all of this translates into campaigns that are quantifiably more effective and therefore have a greater impact for every Swiss franc you spend. Brands want to be seen, so we make them unmissable – regionally, nationally and internationally.

Media planning

How do you recognise a successful media plan? By the fact that it is far more than just a sociodemographic target group strategy, that it minimises scatter loss and that it reaches your buyers by the most direct route. The key to this is a completely integrated plan that combines offline and online media in a shared media world.

Channel planning

Modern channel planning is characterised by the fact that it offers more than just a selection of media channels. It is also about achieving the right balance of power between the individual channels. Establishing the optimum budget amount and distribution is doubtless one of the most important and sensitive tasks in integrated communications.

Touchpoint planning

Using the Touchpoint Optimizer and Target Buyer tools developed by the Mediaplus Group, we identify which contact points are especially important to your target groups and which of them will lead to the purchase decision at the end of the customer journey. After all, the relevance of individual contacts changes significantly the closer the consumers are to the actual purchase decision.

Strategic insights

A strong marketing strategy requires in-depth research that provides more than just mountains of raw figures. For that reason, we develop what are known as strategic insights for our clients – these are carefully researched findings and analyses which we implement in a practical manner in line with the strategic objectives.

International planning

Only the expertise of experienced local partners guarantees that your communications are successful in many different countries. Via the Mediaplus network, we have rapid access to a total of 24 agencies around the world. These agencies are not just our suppliers; they are partners who we know personally and with whom we enjoy a trusting working relationship.

Media buying

Our formula for success is “buying follows strategy”. We harmonise the buying strategy with the client’s brand-specific media strategy, and not the other way round. To ensure cost-efficient media buying and a strong negotiating position when it comes to buying, we work with mediaschneider, the largest independent media agency in Switzerland, as part of a joint venture. Transparency is our top priority in all of this, and we are happy to sit down together with our clients at the negotiating table.

Management of Mediaplus Suisse AG

The CEO of Mediaplus Suisse is Cosima Giannachi. A communications expert, she has many years of experience at media and advertising agencies (Aebi & Partner, BBDO, Seiler DDB in Zollikerberg and London, Ogilvy & Mather) as well as in the management of an international media agency (WPP and Mindshare). Her core areas of expertise include integrated planning across all channels and strategy development for national and international clients from various industries such as Lufthansa, Nike, Sport, Jaguar, Samsung, WWF, HSBC and Zurich.


Mediaplus Suisse AG
Kirchenweg 8
CH-8008 Zurich

E-Mail: suisse@mediaplus.com
Phone:+41 44 446 23 30

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