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Serviceplan Design gives brands character because: "Good design is good business."

Increasingly, the commercial success of a consumer product is inextricably linked to its design. Whether in IT, packaging or communication – an innovation that relies solely on technology and neglects design will struggle to have an impact in the marketplace, for the modern-day consumer expects to be offered completely new experiences. Companies that score highly for the quality of their design admittedly incur higher costs but they can also charge the consumer higher prices.

Serviceplan also provides brands with visual character and clothes them appropriately. We communicate the DNA of a brand in a unique appearance to ensure that corporate design also reflects corporate identity. Our organic, integrated approach ensures that the brand has a striking visual appearance and is successfully positioned in the market place. The outcome is a consistently executed holistic brand image, online and offline, or, in short: unmistakeable branding.


Corporate Design (CD)

The standardised image of a business, elaborated with graphics is known as corporate design and aids visual recognition. The design elements include the company logo, typography and company colours. The unique combination of these elements for each company can be found on forms, writing paper, work clothing, web pages etc.

The distinctive visible company image should always reflect the identity, culture and company concept. As a result, corporate design, along with corporate behaviour and corporate communication, is a fundamental element of corporate identity.

Corporate Identity (CI)

Corporate identity (CI) is the distinctive, standardised image of a company. A tangible company image that clearly conveys the individual advantages and central concerns of the company is presented internally (to employees) and externally (to the public). The corporate identity serves to differentiate from other companies. The aim is to present the company as positively as possible with its own corporate image.
Therefore the concept for developing a corporate identity must always take into account the following factors:

  • How does the company see itself?
  • How would the company like to see itself?
  • How is the company seen by others?

Only when these questions are clarified can a holistic corporate image be produced with the help of the devices of corporate design, corporate communication and corporate behaviour.